Humnawaa Lyrics

Humnawaa lyrics
Humnawaa Lyrics : This song is sung by Armaan Malik and Shashaa Tirupati, music is given by AR Rahman. Humnawa Lyrics is penned by Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh and Abhay Jodhpurka.
Song : Humnawaa  
Singer : Armaan Malik, Shashaa Tirupati  
Lyricist: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh  
Actor: Ehan Bhat, Edilsy Vargas  
Label : Sony Music India

Humnawaa Lyrics

Aye humnawaa tu hai rangeen har tarah
Aye humnawa khwahishein rangeen
Humnawaa dillagi teri rangeenAye humnawaa tu hai rangeen
Har tarah..
Aye humnawa
Khwahishein rangeen humnawaa
Dillagi teri rangeen

Aye humnawaa tu hai mera jahaan
Aye humnawaa har wajah, har tarah
Humnawa tu hai naadaan
Humnawa tu hai beshumaar

Aye humnawa tu hai mera jahaan
Aye humnawa har wajah, har tarah

Humnawaa tu hai naadaan
Humnawaa tu hai beshumaar

Chaaha hai maine
Ye lamha tham jaaye yahin

Chaaha hai maine
Ye lamha tham jaaye yahin

O humnawa
Humnawaa tu hai rangeen

Tu hai mera jahaan
Tu hai mera jahaan
Tu hai mera jahaan

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